“Deeply embedded in my work is an intuitive knowledge built up over a lifetime of growing up on the continent” — Deborah Calmeyer, CEO and Founder of ROAR AFRICA

Deborah Calmeyer was brought up on a farm in Zimbabwe. Her childhood was spent riding horses, running barefoot on African beaches, and playing with Carmel, a lioness Deborah’s father adopted. Later, when the political situation shifted, she moved to South Africa.

“I understand the opportunities and challenges of Africa,” says Deborah, “I have lived through them. I have the contacts on the ground who not only look after my guests every step of the way, but bring the trips alive, from Kenya to Cape Town, the Indian Ocean to Namibia. I am not trying to do all things for all people. I curate indelible moments inspired by spending time in the places I have loved all my life. This isn’t just intellectual capital; it is emotional, too. For this reason, I like to get under the skin of a guest’s expectations, ensuring I make each trip different to any one else’s. In a perfect world, I like to meet my guests in person, or at least make proper time for detailed calls.”